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Operational software support is available exclusively to qualified, licensed registered users of the Solder Reliability Solutions (SRS)
software.  Software support covers operational use of the software tool per se, installation and computational issues.   Modeling and
reliability issues are covered under “Technical Support”.

Technical support covering modeling questions, applications, definitions, interpretation of results, design guidelines etc… is available to
users of the SRS software on the basis of pre-paid support hours.  Technical support is typically conducted via e-mail or telephone.  

Technical support is for licensed users of the SRS software and / or individuals / colleagues authorized by the purchaser of technical
support hours. We keep track of time used and will inform you when the pre-paid number of hours has been exhausted.  For a typical
user, 8 to 16 hours of technical support cover a lot of ground over a one year period.  Unused hours carry over from year to year.

Purchasing of 8 to 16 hours of technical support is highly recommended for new users of the SRS tool.  This ensures a good head-start in
the setup of your first few analysis files and the interpretation of test results.  
Download SRS brochure for current price and ordering

Retainer services are also available for a fixed number of hours per year.  Retainer services can be used for technical discussions, reviews of
project plans or other documents, modeling on demand etc...
FOR FURTHER INFO, CONTACT:  Jean-Paul Clech, Ph.D.  ( bio), e-mail: jpclech@aol.com
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